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Get status of Credit Card order

NOTE: This endpoint currently only returns example data.

  Get status of Credit Card orders

Get all orders

Typical Successful Response:

{ "cards":[{ "card_type":"5", "card_description":"good", "use_type":"3" }] }

Possible Errors:
  • OBP-20001: User not logged in. Authentication is required!
  • OBP-30001: Bank not found. Please specify a valid value for BANK_ID.
  • OBP-30018: Bank Account not found. Please specify valid values for BANK_ID and ACCOUNT_ID.
  • OBP-50212: Connector did not return the set of status of credit card.
  • OBP-50000: Unknown Error.
Implemented in OBPv3.1.0 by getStatusOfCreditCardOrder